Disco Party
Optional extra: Optional extra 30 minutes: 2 artists do Airbrush tattoos R400 (can cater to 30 children) or freehand tattoos/face-painting (price/time would depend on the amount of children at the party) Depending on the theme of your disco party our dancers can sometimes accommodate different costumes styles on request such as: Country Western, Grease lightning etc.
~ 90 to 120 minutes ~ 30 children. Includes Sound System, mobile disco lighting/strobe light/Disco light/, disco ball, smoke machine, Music, DJ and Triple Fusion dancer/s: Basic Package:  ~ 30 minutes of lively musical games- Limbo, Balloon stomping, partner dance, dance by number etc. ~ 20 minutes dance workshop- Hip Hop Dance work shop taught by 1 professional dancer. ~ 10 minutes group dancing- Funky Cha Cha, Macarena etc. led by our dancer. ~ 30 minutes of partying and free style dancing.  Total: 90min Price: R2500
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