Miles of Smiles sponsors and operates The Family Africa NPO Number 040-430/PBO 930-034-345 Prices and availability subject to change without notice Prices Quoted Exclusive of vat, a travel fee may apply depending on location. Miles of Smiles Charity Projects
Miles of Smiles Entertainment was started as a means of generating funding for our charity organization The Family Africa, which is our primary focus in South Africa.  As The Family Africa we have, among other projects, a full time free day care centre in Dieplsoot for children affected/infected by HIV, we run a weekly Sunday club for 350-500 underprivileged children which includes a character building music and drama program and a feeding scheme. We also hold a weekly after school meeting for teenagers especially targeting those who are at risk.   All of our Miles of Smiles entertainers participate in helping with the hands on running of our charity projects as well as helping to generate income to support the running costs of our charity work.  We welcome direct donations both in kind and financial from individuals as well as companies. The Family Africa is a tax registered Public Benefit Organization. You can see recent photos of our entertainers/volunteers in action participating in our charity projects at:
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