Miles of Smiles sponsors and operates The Family Africa NPO Number 040-430/PBO 930-034-345 Prices and availability subject to change without notice Prices Quoted Exclusive of vat, a travel fee may apply depending on location. Rapunzel, Ice princess party
A package filled with activity. 120 minutes 15 Children This party is very similar to the  Fairy Party: face painting,balloon sculpting and a themed art/craft activity, with the inclusion of 30 minutes of themed games, such as Pin the Tail on the pony (or Pin the nose on Olof)Royal dress up Relay, Flynn’s Riders etc and treasure hunt. Price: R1450 For Larger groups of children( 15-20 )the party would still be 120 mins for R1450, but one of the 4 activity items would need to be removed, ie we would need to drop one of the following: art activity or games to be able to accommodate all the children in 120mins. For 20 to 25 children – 140 mins R1600 for 3 activities
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