Miles of Smiles sponsors and operates The Family Africa NPO Number 040-430/PBO 930-034-345 Prices and availability subject to change without notice Prices Quoted Exclusive of vat, a travel fee may apply depending on location.
 (Other themes can be accommodated on request). They  can perform one of the following acts: including balloon-sculpting, close up magic, puppets, juggling and meet and greet, providing a colourful addition to any function. Price: R750 first hour and R400 per additional hour Exciting new addition: LED Stilt Costume!! Ask for for details/prices Other Options: Human Marionette act.
Stilt Walking
Entertainment of mammoth proportions!
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We have stilt walkers available with Clown, Jester, Carnival, Circus Ringmaster, Fairy, Princess, Bollywood, Pirate and African themed costumes and more...